Infrastructure Support Services

Service Framework : Consultancy and Professional Services - ICT Professional Services - Infrastructure Support Services

Windows 10 Deployments, Operational Backfill (Op's Plus), Field Services, Infrastructure Lifecycle and DataCentre Migration

Hardware lifecycle services

Software lifecycle services

Platform migration services

Infrastructure project and programme management services

Project rollout/implementation plans, documentation, and management

Application support services

Server support services

Database support services

Storage/archive support services

Network support services

User device support services

DDS IT is focused on becoming your most trusted partner, we recognized trust needs to be continually earnt. The benefits of utilizing DDS IT for services is an expected improvement in Customer Satisfaction, Continual Service Improvement (CSIP) and knowledge sharing, through other customers and our investment in R/D. The outcome is higher levels of productivity for your organization and an engaging customer oriented culture inside your organisation.

DDS IT has been working with Enterprises across NZ for 16 years, these include Large Corporates, State Owned Enterprises (Utilities), Local Government (Councils). References / Case studies are available upon requested based on service required. All services are currently actively being supplied.



DDS IT is in the business of becoming your most trusted IT partner and we do this through the creation of incredible customer experiences. Everything we do is focused on creating incredible experiences and underpinning this with technical excellence. The way we deliver is through world-class staff and a relentless focus on excellence, agility, continuous improvement, trust and passionate service. The company was formed by Simon Browne in 2003 to provide a more "customer focused" approach to the delivery of IT services. Whilst working in Europe, Simon experienced a small number of IT service providers who achieved world class service. They delivered exceptional value to the clients through their values, culture, and customer-centric approach. Upon returning to New Zealand, Simon has mirrored this approach and has grown DDS IT into a highly differentiated IT service provider, with a team of ~80 staff, who pride themselves on their 'values + value' approach, customer-centric focus and world class service. DDS IT's approach has resulted in clients from a variety of business sectors including Utilities, Transport, Insurance, Healthcare, Media and Film, Construction, Retail and Government.

Small scale business and enterprise environments (less than 500 users)

Medium scale business and enterprise environments (500 – 2500 users)

Large scale business and enterprise environments (2500+ users)

DDS IT has Customers and experience in Utilities, Transport, Insurance, Healthcare, Media and Film, Construction, Retail and Government. We have experience across the majority of sectors and through our partnership style look to adopt and understand new industries quickly.

Small “simple” engagements

Medium engagements

Large “complex” engagements

Customer owned ‘on premises’ infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure (3rd Party owned/operated)

DDSIT is regularly working in the Microsoft Azure space and with AWS having completed migration of services to both as well as supporting these services day to day for customers.

Traditional delivery methodology and processes (e.g. ITILv3/ITSM/SDLC etc)

Modern service management delivery methodology and processes (DevOps, Lean/Agile, ITILv4)