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Fronde provides a wide range of consulting and professional services for a customer’s cloud and application transition requirements. We specialise in cloud and software integration, focusing on hybrid and multi-cloud implementations and business transformation. As a cloud integrator Fronde has skill sets and transition expertise in a range of cloud software and platforms, including Google Chrome, G-Suite and GCP, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite, plus Microsoft Azure and Ping identity management services. In delivering consulting and professional services, our team applies a mix of modern delivery methodologies, including design thinking, Agile, DevOps and ITIL.

Strategy development and review

Cloud migration planning

Cloud transition execution

Hybrid cloud integration

Cloud management, cost management, and optimisation

Decommissioning services

Readiness assessment, management, and acceptance

Target operating model definition

Business change management services (business impact, communications, team design)

Integrated service management design for hybrid cloud consumption

BCP and DR design

Other (details provided below)

Business solution integration

Google G-Suite

Cloud optimised

Cloud native

Cloud identity (eg. AD migration)

Other (details provided below)

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, Ping identity management, Syl Search, Mindbreeze InForm, Google Cloud Search

Transition and support for a wide range of custom applications including Java, JavaScript, various API and web services, JSON, SOAP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, NetSuite, Apache, Android, Kerberos, Angular and other application and cloud platforms.

With Fronde, customers will have direct access to cloud innovation and application-centric business support. Our approach is to “Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast”. We offer flexibility through a range of fulfilment models: including professional services on demand, for contracted outcomes, or through resource fulfilment. Each engagement can be tailored to meet a customer’s preference or need. Our differentiation comes from our unique mix of approach, expertise and experience. We work collaboratively with our customers to support measurable business outcomes. With over 25 years’ experience, Fronde was first to market in New Zealand with many leading cloud technologies, including Google, Salesforce and AWS. Our customers benefit from our ability to simplify the cloud services that power digital transformation.

Education Payroll Ltd (EPL): EdPay User Interface Development and Enhancement. Fronde is collaborating with EPL and its service providers in the EdPay rebuild process, providing the application development and enhancement services to replace the current payroll front-end application, and working with an in-house EPL team who is developing the API interfaces to integrate with the EPL’s retained core payroll processing engine.

Fronde has over 25 years’ experience across the technology ecosystem, being first to market in New Zealand with many leading cloud technologies, including Google, Salesforce and AWS. Fronde specialises in cloud and software integration, focusing on hybrid and multi-cloud implementations and powering business transformation. Our Cloud Transition Services range from assistance with digital business strategy, cloud architecture and design, and modernising applications to transitioning cloud infrastructure and managing application and data migrations.

Small scale business and enterprise environments (less than 500 users)

Medium scale business and enterprise environments (500 – 2500 users)

Large scale business and enterprise environments (2500+ users)

Fronde operates across a wide range of industries and sectors. Fronde has specific sector experience in the following areas: conservation and environment, energy, social services, education, and financial services.

Small 'simple' engagements

Medium engagements

Large 'complex' engagements

Private cloud infrastructure (supplier owned/operated)

Private cloud infrastructure (3rd Party owned/operated)

Extensive Salesforce experience, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Vlocity industry-specific applications.

Extensive Oracle NetSuite experience

Infrastructure, cloud and application integration services relating to Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce and Microsoft cloud platforms.

Traditional delivery methodology and processes (e.g. ITILv3/ITSM/SDLC etc)

Modern service management delivery methodology and processes (DevOps, Lean/Agile, ITILv4)

AWS Cloud Services Partner Various ITIL certifications