Infrastructure Support Services

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Desktop Technology Services Ltd (DTSL) was founded in 1997 and is a privately owned New Zealand Information Technology company. The company employs over 150 full-time staff spread across 16 branch offices and services centres throughout the country, the businesses registered Head Office is in Wellington. Our centralised control of nationwide resources allows the business to strictly control priorities, skills, resource availability, and quality processes. This capability along with our technical, operational and commercial agility sees DTSL integrate with complex technology environments. DTSL core Infrastructure Service offering to Markeplace includes a broad range of flexible labour models, project planning and delivery, digital transformation along with nationwide technology refreshes and rollouts

Hardware lifecycle services

License usage audit and analysis

Platform migration services

Technical strategy development and review

Business change management services

Business case development and infrastructure options analysis

Infrastructure project and programme management services

Software integration and development services

Technology change, business impact and readiness assessments

Technology testing services

Project rollout/implementation plans, documentation, and management

Post implementation audits and project health-checks

Technical training course material and/or certification

Performance measurement, analysis, and optimisation

Risk identification, mitigation, and management

Readiness assessments, management and acceptance

Application support services

Server support services

Storage/archive support services

Network support services

User device support services

Network and application load balancers support

7 day a week IT Service Desk, Network Operations Support Services, ITC Managed Services, IP Tel and ISP services

DTSL’s identity as an organisation focuses around us being of value to our customers. This starts with disciplined consultative sales methodologies and a team selling psychology. Not only does this approach enable us to more deeply understand our customers organisational needs, early engagement with our wider teams on developing customer solutions demonstrates how their skills and contributions add genuine value to our clients challenges. We measure and solicit feedback on customer engagements via a variety of means including dash boarding service levels, regular reporting, KPI reviews, surveying, Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicators along with qualitative relationship feedback.

Case studies and reference customers for Infrastructure Services provided on request.



DTSL is a leading nationwide provider of IT resources and expertise to the New Zealand marketplace. Since 1997 we have proven performance in solution design and delivery scaling in size, location and complexity. This includes direct and indirect solution delivery to multinational organisations, medium to large enterprise and government entities operating in the New Zealand marketplace.

Small scale business and enterprise environments (less than 500 users)

Medium scale business and enterprise environments (500 – 2500 users)

Large scale business and enterprise environments (2500+ users)

Throughout our history DTSL has developed extensive experience in partnership engagements to successfully deliver to central and local governments most high profile IT projects. This rare perspective has given rise to a concentrated DTSL business function designed to alleviate resourcing constraints and deliver on local service requirements. DTSL has constructed a distinct approach to the delivery of Infrastructure Services specifically for the New Zealand government marketplace.

Small “simple” engagements

Medium engagements

Large “complex” engagements

Customer owned ‘on premises’ infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure (supplier owned/operated)

Private cloud infrastructure (3rd Party owned/operated)

Our cloud capability straddles Microsoft Azure and our own locally hosted Totality Cloud. DTSL is a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Services provider and holds multiple accreditations and individual technical certifications.

Traditional delivery methodology and processes (e.g. ITILv3/ITSM/SDLC etc)