Cloud Transition Services

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The Instillery offer customers a full spectrum of services depending on the customer requirement; built upon standardised building blocks, providing quicker time to delivery and certainty around the outcome. These services include Cloud Strategy, Cloud Discovery, Cloud Landing Zone, Cloud Migration and Cloud App Modernisation. These can be provided as a complete customer journey from evaluating cloud platforms, through to migration and delivery of cloud applications. We incorporate expert advice, best practice cloud design, organisational readiness assessment, cost optimization, connectivity and security design and build and automation with infrastructure as code into the delivery of these services.

Strategy development and review

Cloud migration planning

Cloud transition execution

Hybrid cloud integration

Cloud management, cost management, and optimisation

Security posture assessments

Decommissioning services

Risk identification, mitigation, and management

Readiness assessment, management, and acceptance

Target operating model definition

Business change management services (business impact, communications, team design)

Upskilling and agency readiness (coaching)

Integrated service management design for hybrid cloud consumption

BCP and DR design

Other (details provided below)

Cloud Discovery (creating a data driven approach to migration planning by analysing workload patterns and application interdependencies to provide cost forecasting and performance optimisation), Cloud Landing Zone and Cloud App Modernisation.

Google G-Suite

Office 365

Document management systems

Cloud optimised

Cloud native

Cloud identity (eg. AD migration)

The Instillery take a data driven approach and apply best practice methodologies to support your organisation to efficiently and securely migrate to cloud; enabling business innovation, cost optimisation and operational efficiency. As well as supporting multi-cloud environments and taking a cloud platform agnostic approach, The Instillery's unique Co-Pilot delivers value alongside customers and their teams, upskilling and collaborating through the delivery process. This means customer teams understand the drivers for change and can contribute to the migration process; demystifying the shift to cloud and uncovering any hidden operational technology or capability risks.

Vector are New Zealand's largest distributor of electricity and gas and are leading the transformation of the energy sector to create a new energy future; challenging and reinventing the way communities and businesses are powered and connected so they grow and thrive. With a broad technology footprint which includes everything from billing and CRM systems through to SCADA systems that control the distribution network, Vector need a platform that is robust, highly performant and enables their team to work with minimal constraints to maintain their leadership position in one of the most rapidly transforming industries in the world. Cloud Discovery provided Vector with a deep understanding of their current IT systems and their dependencies, as well as a schedule for how these systems can move to public cloud. With a high level architectural view of how public cloud would fit into their business and cost projections and optimisations, Vector were able to create detailed plans to move applications to public cloud where it was appropriate and cost effective. With public cloud now a cornerstone of Vector's infrastructure platforms, Vector have been have been able to establish a Cloud Centre of Excellence and provide their teams of innovative engineers and developers a springboard to leap into the future of the energy market.

The Instillery have delivered more than 100 unique customer cloud engagements ranging from cloud feasibility assessments, strategies and migrations through to ongoing managed services. These engagements have been across both the private and public sector in NZ and include customers such as Auckland Council, Vector, Watercare and Xero. We believe that for NZ businesses to reach their potential, we need talent that can leverage leading global tech and that this is a collective responsibility. As well as our fully managed service offerings, we recognise that our customers often have highly capable internal teams. Our unique co-pilot approach is a collaborative way of working to not only support our customers but share knowledge and upskill NZ’s cloud talent pool along the way; providing an environment where internal teams can learn by doing while having the confidence that we log and monitor everything to support them should they need it.

Small scale business and enterprise environments (less than 500 users)

Medium scale business and enterprise environments (500 – 2500 users)

Large scale business and enterprise environments (2500+ users)

New market entrant (no existing experience)

The Instillery have already delivered cloud transition services for New Zealand government agencies ranging in size and specialisation.

Small 'simple' engagements

Medium engagements

Large 'complex' engagements

Customer owned ‘on premises’ infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure (supplier owned/operated)

Private cloud infrastructure (3rd Party owned/operated)

With six years of experience managing multi-cloud environments (including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform), we specialise in bringing the expertise of global tech leaders to drive better outcomes for NZ businesses. The Instillery’s cloud agnostic philosophy means we don’t have a preference for any one particular cloud platform; we select and build the right cloud platforms to suit each individual customer’s needs. Additionally, with 90% of businesses currently using multiple cloud environments, this cloud agnostic philosophy extends to the technology we use; enabling seamless, unified provisioning and management rather than having to learn multiple cloud native toolsets. However, this doesn’t preclude the depth of expertise we bring to each cloud platform; with more than 25 industry awards, including winning the 2019 Microsoft Azure Migrate Partner of the Year award, we offer an environment where the best cloud talent comes to grow together.

Traditional delivery methodology and processes (e.g. ITILv3/ITSM/SDLC etc)

Modern service management delivery methodology and processes (DevOps, Lean/Agile, ITILv4)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Advanced Consulting Partner and Technology Development Partner, Microsoft Azure – Technology and Consulting Partner, Google Cloud - Premier Partner, Atlassian – Certified Cloud Managed Service Provider, Cisco - Master Cloud Builder Partner, Cloudability – Global Elite Partner, Cloudamize – Professional Consulting Partner, Cloudflare – Premier Consulting Partner, Dome 9 – Cloud Authentication and IAM Partner, Megaport – AWS Direct Connect and SDN Partner, Redshield – Cloud Managed Security Professional Partner, Zscaler – Professional Cloud Security Consulting, Reseller and Managed Service Partner