Infrastructure Support Services

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Middleware New Zealand (MWNZ) is a niche consultancy provides independent, vendor-agnostic advice and project delivery outcomes. We offer strategy and architecture services through to solution led design, product implementations, training and 24x7 customer support. We cover the breadth of architecture, integration and security and deal extensively with infrastructure support services. We are a trusted advisor to many of our customers, providing technology leadership, consulting services, coaching and mentoring, in addition to managed services, solution implementations and support. As we are not aligned to any one vendor, we can provide balanced, impartial advice and can assess products based on their match to your requirements. We have implementation experience across many platforms and technology stacks, with deep knowledge in a range of technical products. We offer a breadth of infrastructure support services. We do not traditionally offer hardware or operating system support services, but our team has a deep understanding of our clients’ network and operating system environments .

Software lifecycle services

Technical strategy development and review

Business change management services

Business technology planning services

Business case development and infrastructure options analysis

Infrastructure project and programme management services

Software integration and development services

Project rollout/implementation plans, documentation, and management

Post implementation audits and project health-checks

Technical training course material and/or certification

Performance measurement, analysis, and optimisation

Risk identification, mitigation, and management

Readiness assessments, management and acceptance

Application support services

One of our key strengths is our ability to bring together relevant strands of related experience from working with a wide range of government organisations and NGOs, and to bring that knowledge to bear on customer problems and outcomes. This means we can help quickly resolve problems by feeding through ideas and concepts encountered or devised in the past. Our staff regularly tap into the deep knowledge of their colleagues, meaning our customers gain access to the experience and skills of the broader team. Knowledge and experience are shared and are openly available to the team to leverage with other customers, via collaboration tools, internal knowledge base, learning communities, mentoring and collaborative approaches. This style provides huge benefits to our clients by providing quick access to new ideas, hands-on experience and successful techniques used within other customer organisations. The benefits and outcomes of our support service offering are: a) Flexible commercial arrangements to suit your needs. b) Collaborative working style enables true partnership and trusted advisor relationships, including effective collaboration in multi-vendor environments. c) Modern work practices aligned with Agile, DevOps and other industry best practices. d) Cost-effective access to specialist consultants experienced in a variety of platforms and technology stacks.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) engaged MWNZ to assist in the definition and development of the All of Government (AoG) API Standards and Guidelines for New Zealand.



Middleware New Zealand has assisted a wide range of government agencies and NGOs across our country. These engagements have included everything from guidance, strategic direction, planning and road mapping through to design, implementation, delivery and support of medium to large scale programmes. We specialise in complex integrations with a high identity and security requirement, including alignment with NZ Protective Security Requirements and the NZ Information Security Manual. Our extensive experience means that we have an intrinsic focus on protecting internal information assets, whether on-premise or in the cloud, as well as managing the complexities of delegated authority, application modernisation and mediated interactions with heritage systems. We are a trusted advisor to many of our clients, providing technology leadership, consulting services, coaching and mentoring. We also have a proven track record developing and implementing new development practices and pipeline automation in support of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). Having worked with (to name a few) DIA, NZ Police, NZ Customs Service, ACC, Ryman Healthcare, NZQA, MoE, Kiwibank, BNZ and ASB Bank, we are well versed in thinking about the customer's experience holistically, spanning multiple business processes and sector organisations in order to react, learn and improve service delivery for customers, as well as internal staff and partners. Our team of over 30 consultants have in depth experience in the technical implementation (e.g. Government, New Zealand banking, healthcare, airlines, energy companies) which informs and grounds our strategy, design and delivery approaches with practical and pragmatic experience and lessons learnt.

Small scale business and enterprise environments (less than 500 users)

Medium scale business and enterprise environments (500 – 2500 users)

Large scale business and enterprise environments (2500+ users)

Public Sector, Banking, Energy, Manufacturing, Health, Education.

Small “simple” engagements

Medium engagements

Large “complex” engagements

Customer owned ‘on premises’ infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure (supplier owned/operated)

Private cloud infrastructure (3rd Party owned/operated)

We have extensive experience supporting customers in Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Traditional delivery methodology and processes (e.g. ITILv3/ITSM/SDLC etc)

Modern service management delivery methodology and processes (DevOps, Lean/Agile, ITILv4)